Overweight or Not?

I wonder why it is that if someone is fat they are treated much different from someone who is not. I have been discriminated against by so many people in so many different situations because of my weight. I had this one guy that I use to work with who on the first time meeting each other, flat-out made a special effort to tell me he is only interested in a certain type of woman (thin and attractive) basically telling me I had no chance. As if I was interested in him or something (I was not even single but he never bothered to ask). He acted as if he was God’s gift to women. During the course of working there I lost weight. He actually stopped one day..looked at me and complimented me on my looks. At that point I did not care for anything he had to say. I was so turned off by his personality I could have cared less what he looked like or thought. I had that happen to me more times than I want to admit. If you can not get to know me at 245lbs don’t bother to get to know me now or later.

I saw this man at the hospital he was an employee. Younger than me and heavy-set. I looked at his face,his eyes, his character. He was a well put together guy and handsome. The young women his age didn’t bother to look at him yet when a buff co-worker walked by they were all over him. Really? That was pathetic to me. I guess gender has nothing to do with personality when it comes to judging someone by looks. My point is anyone can lose weight. Personalities well that is something either you have or you don’t. I can understand that looks play a major role in being attracted to someone but have you ever thought to give someone who was overweight the chance to be with you? If not then you have to ask yourself the question why?  You might be missing out on someone who could possibly be the most wonderful person in the world because you can not look past their weight.


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