Sometimes in life we have to throw caution to the wind and take chances. Life is full of decisions. Sometimes playing it safe is the best bet but what if you came across a situation and decided to take the chance and give it a shot? If you let that opportunity pass you by you could sit there for the next few years and wonder what could have been. I am about taking risks and chances at this point in my life. I have been a good girl for many years doing what I was supposed to do. I even put my personal life on hold. I did something today I never thought I would do. I made a go fund me account for my Plus Size Beautiful page on Facebook. I also shared it on my Twitter. I never thought I could do something like this. I am taking my life under my control and throwing caution to the wind. This time I am going to do things my way. I know what you are thinking…this girl thinks those are risks?! Yes for me they are.

I want to be a plus size model. I like the pin-up girls and burlesque look. I want to recreate certain things and live the fantasy I have always dreamed of. Why not?! I see other women living their dreams. I want to live mine too. I started to blog and I can not tell you how wonderful this makes me feel. It is almost like a live diary where I can share my aspirations and feelings with the world. I feel a sense of freedom. I have kept so much bottled up inside. For many years now I have wanted to let my inner creativity out. I want to take pictures and show everyone what I am made of. I want other people to gain inspiration from me. Do not be afraid to follow your dreams. What is it that you have desired to do and just never done? Ever wanted to take a trip to another country? Have you ever wanted to climb a mountain or swim with the whales? I have wanted to do so much in my life and never have I once actually did any of it. I have not even seen snow since I was a very little girl. I do not even know how to build a snowman! Why can’t I change this? I can! I will! I am! This is my time to shine!

I am overwhelmed with the desire to want to do something to make my dreams come true. This is why I have chosen to take chances I would have never taken before. You want to see the top of a sky scraper? How will you get there if you do not take the first step towards the top? Do not let your fears hold you back. Do not let the negativity of others stop you from achieving your goals. I have had people tell me I could not do any form of modeling. I was called so many names by so many different people. You know what? I use their negativity to fuel my flame. Watch me burn the ground with my tracks.  I even had someone who was a friend of mine tell me he did not think I had the looks or what it takes to be any form of a model. He even went as far as to tell me he didn’t think I would have an audience. Ouch..that hurt. I have to add that to the many stabbing words of discouragement I have received in my life.

So what brings me to this point in my life? I am now thirty-nine years old. I have scars on my body. I have emotional scars like a life warrior. Why don’t I just call it quits and go quietly to my room and do some crossword puzzles? Why? Because I am older, beat up but not dead….yet. I am going to take more chances in life. I am not going to be afraid to do something I want to do because someone else doesn’t think I can do it. Go out there and take that life chance. We only have one life. Live it to your fullest. I know I am going to. I just started on my journey. Took me a long time to get here. Now it’s my turn. Why don’t you take the chance with me. Do something no one ever thought you could do. Take pictures of it too or even a video! Show the world what you are made of and do not be afraid. In the end you will have the satisfaction of knowing that at least you took the chance.


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