Social Media Battles

I had started the use of social media via my sons suggestion many years ago with My Space. Through the years they were knocked to their knees by Facebook. I have just started using Twitter. The battle is ongoing with social media networks. Who are they really battling? I came to understand that My Space is now a music hub. I have not used my, My Space account in years. It has died off to me and my original use. I use Facebook but their new rules on who sees our posts for pages we make have become ridiculous. Facebook is making it more difficult for page owners by forcing us to PAY them for “serving” our posts to our audience. Facebook is only serving 1% of our audience our posts and feeds in an effort to corner us into paying them to use our own pages. Facebook also wants us to PAY them for “Boosting” our posts. Who are you kidding Facebook?! Really?! You want us to pay you? What the hell are you doing Facebook? Are you trying to commit social media suicide? You are stifling the small page owners. You have become like a money mogul who just steps on the financial throats of the little people..(like me). I make NO money off of any of my social media sites. Not yet anyway and thanks to your efforts of a forceful stifle I find it nearly impossible to do so. Your tactics suck when it comes to wanting to make money from Facebook and those who use it. How am I supposed to pay you a dollar per post or five dollars per boost and then some if you will not allow me to network and create a stable base of viewers who see my posts and want to interact? Have you really given that much thought Facebook? I am beyond disappointed and I feel you have infringed on my rights to express myself with your new “rules”. You have made my experience and many others experience on Facebook less enjoyable. You suck for that. If I am using your site to build a social network don’t you think it is appropriate to allow me to do so without BLOCKING my content in an effort to force me to pay you? I could go on and on. Don’t shut my account down either. I am allowed to speak freely. You fix your F-up. You want us to pay you then allow us to network like we were originally allowed to do. Then after we get a great fan base and can actually build a small business off of it we can PAY YOU and PRAISE YOU for allowing us the chance to become something out of nothing. Let’s not forget the awful messenger app. Facebook is a stalkers paradise. There is even a section that tells you if a friend is “nearby”. I had the displeasure of my stupid messenger app resetting itself after I clicked “NEVER” and issued my direct location to a stranger. There is no filter on messenger so that means at 3am in the morning any friggin stranger in the world can ding a message directly to your phone. The app has a turn off notification for 24hrs option but it does not have a filter to allow only the people you want to message you actually message you. Fix your app Facebook it sucks!

Let’s move on to Twitter. Twitter is a cluster F*** to say the least. Twitter is like utter chaos thrown in a bag and shook about then dumped out. What the hell is it with the “You can not follow anymore people at this time”..crap? I have a feed of “tweets” all uncensored. Mixed tweets from people all over the world advertising from news to naked women and prostitution. What the hell is wrong with this picture? Twitter is a huge disorganized mess! I get automated responses from pages I follow to unwanted requests from strangers to follow women and share their links for prostitution. Twitter is beyond confusing if you are a first time user. There is no separation from adult content to children’s content. I have seen more porn in the Twitter feed than an online porn site itself. Twitter is a numbers game. The more followers you get the more popular you are..what is this a high school beauty queen competition? I have been slammed with messages from advertising companies. I am very new to Twitter but in the last 72 hours of using the site I learned it is like a game of frogger. Just don’t get blind sided like I did if you ever want  a Twitter account. Beware, it is like a wild safari out for the money hungry lions they will eat you!

Everyone wants to become a star. Everyone wants to make money by pitching themselves as the product. I am one of those people too. I had to stop and say to myself..wait a minute you are trying to pitch yourself in various social media outlets…. What is it that is going to make me stand out from the rest? Am I super intelligent? No. Am I super gorgeous? No. Am I super talented like a singer or actor or other? NO. Then what the hell makes me think I can become something out of nothing on social media sites that pitch people who have real talent? Being a smart ass hasn’t gotten me too far either like carrot top. But he has actual real physical talent. I have just a dream. An ambition to do something before my time in life is up. I am going to continue to view other social media sites. I foresee in the future that my Facebook will only be to interact with family and friends on a base social status nothing more. Twitter the cluster F that it is ..well that is just a numbers game. Makes me wonder if anyone is really taking the time to see what we tweet or if everyone is just tweeting like rabbits in heat to see who notices them. The battle continues between social media outlets. I will look into other options when it comes to myself and what I want to accomplish. I will continue my weight loss. I will continue to see my spine surgeon in a desperate effort to fix what he can. My nerve damage is permanent so I am limited in what I can do and how long for.

My advise to anyone who wants to start a social media account. Do some research. If it is a business you want to put out there and network with understand Facebook is not as network friendly as they seem. Twitter is a jumbled mess and My Space is a music hub. I have yet to try other social media outlets. At this rate I am just thinking to create a fictitious name and just launch my own website and say a huge F.U. to social media sites that want to stifle my creativity. Why am I going to work hard to achieve what I want just to be stifled in the end. I was never one to be told what I can and can not do really. I am my own boss and I like it that way. You follow the “rules” if you want. This girl has her social media gear on and is ready for the social media battle. (Raises her hand and sounds the’s on!). Let the social media battle begin!


2 thoughts on “Social Media Battles

  1. Yeah, Facebook was a good tool for keeping up with friends and family when I joined almost seven years ago (when my 13-year-old son joined). Now, it’s just a money-grubbing tool for Facebook’s employees and stockholders. Twitter is exactly as you describe it — a complete mess. I have a twitter account, but rarely use it and I rarely read other people’s tweets. I don’t the attraction of random blurbs in 140 characters or less. It’s all about who can be the cutest, the funniest, the snarkiest. Not for me.

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  2. I completely agree. I set up my fan page in order to help get my name and photos out there far all to see. And I won’t lie, to hopefully get a few people to buy a print or two. Now, not only does FB regularly butcher the photos I upload, if I really want more than a few of my fans to see them it’s time to pony up some cash. With Twitter I only use it to the extent that my blog posts and posts to my fan page are automatically shared. Other than that I may check notifications every couple of days or so to see if anyone is paying attention.

    I will admit that when I first set up my page FB wasn’t too bad. Ever since they’ve gone public though they’ve become money grubbing whores.

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