Financial Destruction Across America

I have come to a point in my life where I am being forced to sell my home and look for a smaller one. I am downsizing and gathering my resources to the best of my capability. During my search for a home I started seeing a pattern, one that is not very pleasant.  No matter where I looked for a home my basic search was the same. I went to view homes, single family starting with prices from lowest to highest. This is a general search method I use on several sites like and to name just a few. As I have been looking I could see base prices of $100.00 for homes. I said to myself, what in the world? This caught my attention, we all know there is no magnificent home for $100.00. As I continued to read the information section I came to understand that these are foreclosed homes now owned by banks. Hundreds of thousands of homes strewed across America the majority foreclosed and now up for auction. The homes that were not up for auction started at the low $20k range and up, usually run down beat up mobile units in disrepair that people are trying to pass off as “A great investment opportunity”. That left me thinking more like a “Great infest-ment opportunity”, I still shutter at the images of rotten cabinets and missing walls. Just the thought of the vermin and infestation those rotting structures are filled with leave me disgusted at the fact that someone is trying to pass them off as a great deal.

No matter what state in America I plugged into the search, it was all the same. The majority of those little red dots were homes for sale currently owned by banks and up for auction. Picture after picture of utter financial devastation across our great nation. I have dubbed it the “Red dot hell of America”. How did these financial institutions get the better of America? What happened? They rolled over our country one American home at a time. This is the utter devastation left behind from the mortgage scams of the millennium where people fell victim to predatory loans. What is left of these homes? Is it not the financial institutions responsibility to fix these homes they own instead of trying to push-off the garbage structures that they are, at a new loan rate for the next unsuspecting American? Why is it if we own our homes we have to work hard to keep them up while financial institutions bear no legal responsibility in their failing structures that they have repossessed forcibly and just left there to rot until resold? Broken structure after broken structure. One by one in every state no matter were you look just rotting to pieces with no one to challenge these institutions. Have the conglomerate financial institutions become God in our country? Why do they have the majority of power to destroy our nation with no recourse?

One of my favorite tools to use while looking for a home is Google Earth. I plug-in the address and I get a view of the location, street and neighborhoods. I have to admit these real estate agents have become crafty with words and color enhancing photos. Yeah, you know who you are. I found a home I adore but of course it is way out of my price range as all my ducks are not in a full row yet to even know my final financial status. I still have the task of trying to sell this house without getting my throat financially more cut than it is as I have inherited this home with my cousin who is by far not a very kind woman. She has more properties than she knows what to do with and she is gunning full force for total half value of a home I have lived in for eight years taking care of her mother who I finally gave back to my cousin to take care of as my aunt has dementia and became increasingly violent with me, as well as taking care of our other sick aunt who had cancer that passed away last August who owned this home and died before the revise of the will where this house was to be left just for my child and I. My trials and tribulation seem to never end. I rebuilt the real estate business for both our aunts and their family after my cousin showed no interest and took no part in the properties or her brother for that matter. Neither of them helped either of my aunties in any way shape or form when it came down to those properties. I did all the work in the end because I got tired of seeing my elderly aunts get ripped off. Before I stepped in my aunties lost between them somewhere from $400k to $700k.

All properties in the negative and my aunties were paying out-of-pocket for property taxes, mortgages and repairs. It was a financial mess. I said wait a minute this is not right. I decided to step in and fix things myself. I went head to head with tenants down to the maintenance people fighting for the better of my aunties and restoring a financial balance where the properties finally made money for them instead of taking it away all too late for my aunt with cancer to enjoy as she is no longer with us. I did it for free, my cousin makes over $2k a month income from just three properties that I busted my butt to get together and place tenants in with our real estate agent just to have my cousin be so ungrateful to force me to sell this home knowing damn well I am disabled and on a fixed income, a widow with a teenager in his senior year of high school. This home is still stuck in probate but I am not one to wait till the very last-minute to see what is out there. I do not go into the world blindly anymore. I truly understand the statement of “It’s a dog eat dog world” …Truly it is and that is what is so sad about it all. No one really cares anymore. This journey is not over as I am weaving through our financially devastated country looking for a new place to live where everything looks like it got hit by a ground war with houses broken and ghost towns no one wants to go near. I sit here in this great home saddened at the fact I will soon say goodbye to it. Onward we must as life is never fair. I will continue my search and try to do what is best. I hope I can find something suitable for my child and I to call home in this messy financial destruction across America.


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