The Right to Access Your Social Media Account

In this day and age with social media on the rise like never before, seeking employment has been made more difficult. I am sure most of you heard about a young female who had gotten fired right after she had been hired and prior to her first day at the job. She wrote something negative on her social media account that her employer viewed and fired her for immediately. Where is the line that says “DO NOT CROSS”? I am for social media but it is the stalker like behavior from employers that concern me more than some silly comment on how people feel about working. NO ONE LIKES TO WORK…get a grip employers. So someone posts a “comment” on how they feel you run your business or just on how they feel about work in general. When did it become your business to interfere with their freedom to express themselves on their own social media account? It is like you peaking in their window with a device to listen in on their conversations. Overboard much? I mean really. Where has our rights as people gone? Am I going to sit here and “watch what I say” because it may offend you? NO WAY! Get offended then get over it! You suck as an employer if you do this to your employees. People need an outlet to vent. Who are you to infringe on their rights to be human and bitch about something that happened at their job? Just because you own the place or run it does not mean you have the right to act like an abusive stalker who watches every move someone makes. I know I surely would not want to work for you.

When filling out the job applications of today it is common to ask the employee for their social media information and some have the audacity to ask for passwords. Would you ask for their E-Mail passwords? No. Then why ask for their social media passwords? Most accounts are by invite only. If I am having a private party at a park does that mean you can invite yourself just because it is in a public place? NO!…Friggin people… I tell you the one thing that gets me is others who think they have the right to infringe upon someone else’s private life just because it is a “social media outlet”. People have resorted to making fake names just to have a social media account to interact with their family and friends yet play it safe so their employers do not see what they write. I do not think it is alright for anyone to have access to my social media accounts. If I am not breaking the law then it is none of your business what I write. It is a good thing I do not work for anyone as my attitude alone would get me fired before I am hired. I am not really all that into kissing someones ass to get paid anymore. I have done enough of that  to last me a lifetime.

People have been expressing themselves since the beginning of time. The only difference now is the fact that privacy has become all but obsolete. I am sure people can remember the show “Cheers” with Ted Danson that played back in my day. It was a great comedy but it also showed how people vented about things in their life. A bar, a simple little quaint bar where everybody knew your name.  Each character had a story much like each of us that have a social media account. Why has it become so taboo for people to say “My boss is a ****”.  Think of it like a suggestion box. Only this box is a “comment”. Take that comment and instead of firing people better the work place. If people are complaining because you act like a tyrant then stop acting like a tyrant. Do not fire people because they do not like the way you treat them. YOU act better, employer. YOU set the example. People are over worked underpaid and NO ONE has decent insurance. As employers you know how many people you have fired once the word of Obama care came to your ear before it was fully implemented hundreds of thousands of job cuts because no employer wanted to pay to insure their workers and you want people to sit there take it and shut up? What friggin delusional world do you live in?

In the court of law when someone commits a crime their social media account and all other accounts become open for investigation. That is more than acceptable. So tell me employers, what “crime” did anyone commit for you to have full access to their private life? Do you want to know what shampoo they use too? Would you like to know when they wake up and go potty? Really you don’t or do you? There is a fine line here that needs to be recognized. How much longer are we going to sit here and allow others to control our lives with micro management. Guess what employers there is something called FEDERAL LAWS. People should really learn they have rights. Ever heard of  the National Labor Relations Act? Learn it because your happy butts as employers are going to need to know it pending on the state you are in. This act protects the employees from jerk bosses like you. Chew on that for a while. As employees past, present and future take into consideration that because our social media outlets are subject to stalkers a.k.a. employers take heed in what you write about if you do not know your rights in your state. You can get reprimanded or fired for it. I read a great article I will link here in regards to a few cases where employees have been terminated for “comments” made on their social media accounts. It is a real eye opener. The freedom of having social media does not in my opinion give employers the right to access your social media account.

Here is the link to the article I was talking about. Take some time and read it especially if you are an employee. Good luck in this crazy world. Knowledge is power.


5 thoughts on “The Right to Access Your Social Media Account

  1. I think I disagree with you. Unless there is no way to trace you back to your employer on your social media platform(s), if you post something negative about your employer, the onus is on you. I agree that generic “I hate work” comments shouldn’t be a problem. But, let’s say you work in Human Resources and you post something on your Facebook page about how you haven’t got adequate training and its affecting your ability to do your job. Or you post something on twitter about how your bosses are idiots and harass their employees. And there is enough information for somebody to track you back to who your employer is. I think that’s a problem. I don’t think social media and its existence gives us the right to say whatever we want about whoever we want. We still have to actually act responsibly. This is the problem with social media … it affords us this platform to say things that are, frequently better left unsaid. That we have the platform doesn’t change the fact that those things should have been left unsaid. I have my blog, and Facebook, and Twitter, and there are all sorts of things I’d love to say about my work experience, but I never go there. If I did, my employer would be totally justified in firing me if they wanted to.

    I do agree that no employer should have the right to ask for your social media passwords. That is a WTF idea.


    1. Here is the thing. If someone is advocating defamation of character and causing a business to lose money then the employer has every right to defend themselves. That constitutes as breaking law. However if someone wants to vent they should be able to as well as long as they are within their legal rights. I just do not like the “stalker” mentality social media has enabled employers and people in general to be. As people we should of course exercise common sense. As a parent I advise my son to never speak of any form of employment he may have in the future on any social media site or to anyone. There is a certain sense of responsibility as people that we should own up to when speaking of others especially employers. There should be a line set that when you leave work you leave work ,not that work can follow you home or out or see your personal life via social media. That is way too intrusive.


      1. I don’t necessarily like the stalker thing either, but knowing how public social media is, it is our responsibility what we post on those public forums. I don’t think employers should be able to discipline us for public postings that have nothing to do with our work or our employer, but venting about work on a social media site can cross the line.

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      2. Thank you for reading what I wrote. I appreciate the way. 🙂 I know I usually rant and not really write anything of value. I really do appreciate the fact that someone is not only reading but kicking back their opinion on the topics in which I decide to write about. This goes for you and all that have read what I wrote and contributed with their replies. Means alot to me. Thanks again.


      3. One of my greatest disappointments about my blogging experience is that it has not turned into a conversation. I’d much rather have a conversation than just spout my ideas. So, when I see somebody writing something that makes me think, I want to comment and try to have a conversation. You frequently write things that make me stop and think.

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