Weight Loss Products

Allow me to start off with a huge THERE IS NO MAGIC WEIGHT LOSS PILL..ahhh that feels better. (Takes a deep breath and let’s it all out.) Were do I begin, let’s see, ah here we go… why not start at what prompted me to write this today. I keep coming across ads on weight loss pills. One ad even uses the term “Magic Pill”…really? If it was that simple I think we would all be thin and show our six packs. Hell I would be done struggling to lose weight and be happy as a rabbit in a vegetable field. There is no easy way out. We did not gain all our weight in one day nor will we lose it in one day. People often run to the next big craze in dieting not thinking of the consequences of their actions in regards to how damaging some of these weight loss products can be to their bodies and mental health.

Have you ever wondered why these companies give out free samples like a drug dealer? You are a guinea pig to them. The product needs to be used for five to ten years to actually see the long-term effects. Do you do any form of research on any product before you jump to the next weight loss fad? I take my time and research what I can down to the scientific studies done with each component used to make up the product these companies are pushing off to people. I see too many times people popping weight loss pills like they are candy. Have you ever wondered what some of these pills will do to your body? I am all for safe products and responsible marketing but to pitch high caffeine pills to girls not women but girls is irresponsible.  At least when pitching to an adult they have a better chance at understanding what the product is about. There is something seriously wrong in our world today when our little girls have to worry about their weight because society deems it necessary to look a certain way in order (by their unrealistic standards) to be beautiful.

As a parent I look at everything my teenager may want to take or use for muscle-building. I do research on the products. I know all too well the side effects of some of these products down to protein powders that contain ingredients that have caused people I know to have medical issues due to the damaging nature of a particular ingredient in the product. I love reading research and science articles on anything and everything that pertains to my health and the health of my family. I urge you to do the same. It only takes a few moments of your time to do a little reading. I use Google Scholars as my search engine when I want direct scientific studies or case-law research. Use whatever search engine you like. I prefer Google Scholars being as how I have found it very helpful for what I am looking for. I like to even read as far as the molecular structure of certain ingredients in all kinds of products even coffee.

I myself have lost as of today 3/30/2015, 35lbs. I did not take any magic pills. I did a lifestyle change and exercised more. No matter how much it hurts I keep trying to move. I am disabled so my form of exercise is different from the average person. I changed my diet and added protein powder to my regimen 30 minutes after a work out for optimal results. I use natural ingredients to help get my system going. Not everyone has the same method. Just use a little common sense. Understand too if you are going to use products like testosterone as a man there are going to be behavioral and sexual changes in you. It is always better to know what you are up against.  During your personal fitness journey you will find what works best for you.

I have done by trial and error many things to lose weight. My diet was the biggest factor in all of it. After I gave up fast food, junk foods,sodas and sugary things. I began to see a dramatic difference within the first few weeks. I do have sugary and bad foods every now and again. Do not get me wrong I did not cut them out of my life completely. I just stopped having them as a main staple for my diet. I eat clean now and I make my own food. If I eat something greasy or high in fat I get sick because my body has changed and no longer wants what is bad for it. I do use protein powders as I find the more protein I have for me the better my body functions. I have also had my fair share of horrible physical reactions to products. I did not read the ingredients prior to purchasing my last protein powder. I only looked at the stats. Had I seen the ingredients I could have saved myself a whole world of allergic reactions from hell.

You have to know what your body reacts to in a positive or negative way when it comes to foods and supplements. I am all for a new healthy recipe. I am trying to eat less animal products. For me less animal meat has turned out better and I take less stomach medicine. I have issues with my gut other than being fat. I have to take heed to how my body feels after consuming certain foods. To better understand your body chart your habits from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed. After a few weeks review your lifestyle. If you see that the first thing you do in the morning is run to a cup of coffee you have the first thing on your to do list for self-improvement to change. After brushing your teeth and personal grooming habits replace that first liquid in your body with water. Water will wake your body up and get your system moving. There are so many little things you can do to help yourself with weight. Do you use creamers in your coffee or do you go to a fancy coffee shop and get a real sugary coffee? Try black coffee with nothing in it instead. I have all together stopped drinking coffee and tea. I replaced 90% of my liquid intake with water.

Changing the small things in your life can make a big difference. There is no need to run to the next fad in dieting. Just be you. Take a few moments to do subtle movements like lifting your arms in the air and waving. Any form of movement. I have a great one for those who sit in chairs all day. Butt clenches. I know it sounds silly however our muscles are made to move. So when you are sitting just clench your cheeks together hold for a few seconds and release. Not like yo have to bounce up and down in your chair. Although that might be entertaining to some in the office. Speaking of office here is a simple way to avoid unnecessary calories. Avoid the bagels,muffins,pizza parties and all the carbs you can not burn off. Do not avoid them all the time just most of the time. If you like to drink alcohol guess what, yeah those are empty calories too. Push water as much as you can. It is what we need to survive. Weight loss products can help you or hurt you. It is your choice as to which path you choose. So the next time you see an ad promoting some celebrity with outrages claims chances are the product is just that, outrageous. Do some research and save your body future damage. Thank you for reading. I wish the best to each and every one of you on your journey for a better health with weight loss products..


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