Social media Hate Crimes,Cyber Stalkers & Bullies

When you make a page on any social media platform or anywhere over the net you never think anything negative would come of it. There you are just minding your own business when your page gets bum rushed by unusual chatter. My Facebook page called “German Shepherd Dog Training & Tips Community”  is very small only 612 members very quiet and I would get maybe 7-14 likes on  posts in a week slowly growing in number. I help rescue shelters spread the word for animals in need saving them from imminent death to finding fosters,adoptions and fund-raisers. I also post informative content for any dog owner to learn and be educated about topics ranging from medical costs,dog food recalls, flea medications, training tips and links to sites I find helpful.  I had shared a post from another page.That is where this all started. Apparently there is this man by the name of Augusto Deoliveria. He is the page owner of “Griffin Shepherd Kennels Page” and a few pages “Augusto Deoliveria”. I do not know if everyone is aware of this young 23 year old man from Brazil. He has a natural talent with animals he is also a well-known trainer. He walked the streets of MA with several shepherds off leash. This had caused quite the attraction. Augusto has been featured on the news many times. His Facebook page has Almost 70,000 likes. He also happens to be an open homosexual.  Needless to say this brought about unwanted attention. Augusto has been the target of a malicious  hate group of nearly six thousand members called “The Truth About Griffin Shepherd Kennels”. This page was created by a woman in her fifties who is a self-proclaimed author named Lisa Papi.

Lisa Papi who lives in Elizabeth, Colorado has dedicated numerous pages on Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler and other various social media outlets including Google Plus to do nothing more than stalk every move Augusto makes. Her hate group literally follows Augusto on any and all platforms harassing him and anyone that likes or shares his content. I know this for a fact as I was one of the page owners who got into a huge argument with Lisa herself for harassing me and my community by being disruptive and trying to force me into submission with her online bullying hate group. They had been harassing me since Easter posting all sorts of misinformation about me and my page on their main page and sister pages bullying me and making fun of me in an effort to get me to stop sharing anything to do with Augusto Deoliveria or his pages. I can tell you they hate the gay community with a passion. I caught Lisa in so many lies. Lisa Papi is a very dishonorable dishonest woman in her fifties who has nothing better to do then spread hate and lies all over the internet. Her community members rushed my page after I posted something from Augusto’s page. They only commented on posts of him. These were people who were not a member of my community. I know that for a fact because as a page owner we are privy to who likes our page and when.

For a week I had been fighting with over twenty people from “The Truth About Griffin Shepherd Kennels”, and their sister pages “GSK Adherents Of The Repeated Meme” “The Truth About GSK Pack”, “The Truth About Griffin Shepherd Kennel” ,”Griffin Shepherd Kennels Exposed”. I fought hard for my honor,my page,the rescues,the animals in need and they fought dirty. Their tactic is to find any and all content pertaining to Augusto then they comment leaving a trail of misinformation. They start arguments with people by antagonizing them then they as a group report any comment made in self-defense with Lisa Papi’s name to try to get any page that does not jump on the band wagon with them shut down. They double back and delete or edit their content on peoples pages and their own so no one can see their arguments after they report their target page for “harassing” them a.k.a. fighting back in self-defense. They caused utter chaos daily disrupting my community on my page. They do the same in any community who dares to post anything about Augusto  Deoliveria or his shepherds. They have certain people in their group look up personal information against their next target. They use tactics to scare people with threats. I refused to be bullied in real life or online by this hate group. I asked them for any and all legal court documentation to support their claims against Augusto Deoliveria.  All they could come up with was bias links to blogs written by people in their own community who are active members trying to discredit Augusto. They have shared a hate page about his sexuality and even told me to watch a “sex video” and search for it by name. They have failed to prove anything they have to say about Augusto. Till this day I am still waiting for one of these thousands of bullies to show me any real legal court documentation of the crimes they say he has committed. None exists other than minor city code infractions. They have failed and will continue to fail. They even have a current petition going to try to get his business shut down. They are currently trying to get him arrested with false information to the I.R.S. They have a public post on their page clearly stating they can not file a complaint with the I.R.S. as none of them have purchased a German Shepherd from Augusto Deoliveria.

I have seen first hand this hate group target Augusto Deoliveria. They have made threats to his life claiming they are going to kill him with their bare hands to shooting him and killing all his animals. This has made Augusto become very ill and scared for his life. He has countless sleepless hours. He suffers from adult acne due to stress. He has PTSD from the entire ordeal. Augusto has to walk in fear for his life every single day as the bombardment of this hate groups harassment is never-ending.  Augusto has to have people around him while he is in public for his own protection. Every time Augusto comes home he has to have the home checked for any stalkers that want to kill him. This young man has been a target for his sexuality. No one should be a target for being an open homosexual or for any other reason. I would like everyone that reads this to show Augusto we will not tolerate bullying of any kind by going to his pages and flood them with love and support for Augusto Deoliveria. I want to see Lisa Papi arrested for being the ring leader of this organised hate group syndicate who on a daily basis stalks, harasses and threatens Augusto Deoliveria and anyone who dares to support him.

Please see the links below for screen shots of hate messages and threats made by Lisa Papi and her members. Please sign the petition to have Lisa A. Papi arrested for her role as the ring leader in this massive online hate group who stalks and harasses Augusto Deoliveria on a daily basis. She will not stop. We have to help spread the word and get law enforcement to stop this woman and her community .

Sign the petition to have Lisa A. Papi arrested for her role in  massive online hate crimes against Augusto Deoliveria.

Law enforcement: We want to see Lisa A. Papi of Elizabeth, Colorado arrested.

Please also read my other blogs pertaining to this hate group who still have not stopped harassing me.

This bog is entitled “New Ways To Commit Crime & Steal Information”.

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This blog is entitled “Yes You Are A Bully”

This is a follow up blog post to a response from Lisa Papi who continues to lie and break the law on a daily basis.

(Link Below or copy paste to your browser)


7 thoughts on “Social media Hate Crimes,Cyber Stalkers & Bullies

  1. Once Lisa Papi and her hate group see my article as they stalk Augustos every move daily they will flood my comment section with false information about him. Always ask them for LEGAL PROOF they can never seem to find any. You can see them in action here and how malicious they are towards Augusto. Do not let Lisa Papi or her hate group get away with anymore criminal acts against Augusto Deoliveria or anyone who supports him. Stand with us and fight hate crimes together. Sign the petition do not be afraid. Lisa Papi is not above the law nor is anyone in her hate group. “The Truth Always Wins”


  2. I think you are wrong. The links you are using are a lie. Obviously you never took the time to investigate Jon Sabin. He is a criminal who will use whatever and whoever to make his point whether or not the information is correct. Believe what you will but in the end, the truth will prevail. There is so much evidence against him and his breeding practices that it will make your head spin. He is not an ethical breeder or trainer and I wish people could see this. Where is his stud Griffin? No mention of him in months, only his new long haired dogs. Griffin was his end all be all, what happened to him?


    1. Patty I have seen for myself the hate pages even YOU are a part of. All of you are criminals. DO not tell me about someone who got pinched while you sit there yourself and are more than a participant in criminal activities on a daily basis. If your hate group has so much irrefutable evidence how come no one took him to court? The hate group you are a part of orchestrated a false report to a government agency. I showed it on my page “German Shepherd Dog Training & Tips Community”. I have proven that hate page to be criminals with one post. I have many more. You all are using social media platforms to harass people,steal information and use government facilities to verify location on people,stalk them harass them and commit crimes. I am standing up for myself and everyone who has been bullied,harassed and lied about by the hate group you are an active member of. I will not yield to criminals.


      1. Let me ask you a question. If you knew someone doesn’t own anything and is living off of someone else, would you pay more money to take them to court knowing you would only get a judgement? He has stated for these people to sue him in court because he has no money, which I don’t believe. He has no assets except his dogs. How could anyone recoup their losses if he isn’t a registered business in the state of Mass and doesn’t pay taxes? It is almost futile to take him to court but the more people can educate about him, the better. Maybe people will think twice or at least know the proper questions to ask if they are going to purchase a dog from him.


      2. Are you kidding me Patty? Seriously? If he is guilty of crimes you take him to court so it is documented. You and that hate group should not go around social media harassing people like me who have NOTHING to do with you or anyone else. What is wrong with you people. You claim to have irrefutable evidence. I refuted it and proved you all wrong. I am not sticking up for him because of his business I am sticking up for him,myself and others that have fallen victim to the online hate group you are a part of that has nothing better to do then spread hate and lies. What type of education has your hate group given about me and my page when a picture is still in your picture section claiming falsehoods about me and my page. You all have harassed the hell out of me since Easter. Lisa lied to me and I have proof of that too. So here it is Patty. Take him to damn court and stop hurting innocent people all over the internet. All I am getting from you and that hate group is excuses as to why you prefer to do things the ILLEGAL way as opposed to the legal way. You are a part of that organised crime syndicate and you have some nerve to sit there and try to tell me why you think it is pointless to take someone through the legal system. What did his landlady do other than give him a place to stay to deserve the hell you all gave her hacking her account and causing her grief? What did I do for all of you to attack me and my community since Easter. Spare me the garbage rhetoric. You are all breaking the law acting like you are doing the right thing. Who the hell are any of you to terrorize people all over the net. Once again I will say this to you. I do not yield to criminals.


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