Cause & Effect

I have been dealing with one of the most ridiculous cycles to ever witness. What cycle am I talking about? The cycles of abuse,hate and retaliation. I have been sitting here witnessing this unfold in front of my eyes between two parties on social media. There is one group of people who are for their cause and another group of people for the opposite cause. I have seen so much go on between these two groups. Each claiming the other wronged them. Victim after victim of verbal onslaught to criminal acts of cyber crimes. Where do we stop in the middle of all the chaos and think? I know if I was passionate about something I would fight hard to defend it as I have. I however do not have a leader. I am my own leader. I do not follow the crowd. I am a free-thinker and this confuses people. Who’s side is she on?! What is she doing?! How can she? She must be crazy! For some time I have been wanting to write about this. As time goes on I can see why people act the way they do. It is plain as can be to me yet no one seems to take the time to really think about their own actions. Cause and effect. Simple enough right? Is it? One day you are sitting there and someone attacks you verbally. You walk away from the ordeal not understanding why this person did such a thing. The next day you see this person again and they verbally attack you. This time you are more than aware this person has issue with you. The next day you look around to see if this person is there before you proceed hoping this was just a temporary ordeal. You go sit down and they come up behind you screaming and yelling.  You finally have to say something. You verbally fight back and say what is your problem?! Not realizing this just opened up room for even more aggressive behavior. The verbal confrontation turns into a full on argument day in and day out your life has been disrupted by this act of barbaric behavior. You are now in a bad mood yourself. Always walking around ready to fight the next person that remotely upsets you. So what happened to the once nice pleasant person you were? Did you change? Have you become something you are normally not? If so, you have to stop and ask yourself, why?

Let’s take a few steps back to the person who was verbally aggressive to you. How did they get aggressive? What was it that happened to them to make them act in such a manner towards you? Did they have someone come and do the same thing to them over time making them act this way? Was it right for them to treat you like that? You did not know this person so why were they so mean and nasty to you? Step forward and look at the events leading up to your current mood. What was it that made you feel this way? Now that you realize how you got upset to begin with have you stopped to think how you might affect someone else? Well let’s take a little trip a few more steps ahead shall we? Now you are very upset and your disposition has changed you walk on guard ready to fight. You see your friend in a verbal argument. At this point you do not bother to ask what is going on you are so fed up you just join in. All you know is your friend is verbally fighting someone and you are more than ready to fight too. You take a side and you fight back two against one. Then another person joins in and another and another now it is a full on verbal brawl between two parties. Names are being called words are being slung like punches in a bar full of drunk people. This has just escalated into a massive argument and no one not one person said, STOP! Instead someone takes a swing. Oh no he didn’t?! Oh well if he is going to throw punches I am going to throw punches too! The fight continues on and on. People are getting hurt all over the place. An innocent bystander gets pulled in the ruckus and get assaulted too. This continues with no end in sight.

The only thing people could think of at this point is how they felt and why they felt the need to fight. No one thought of the others feeling or the damage they would cause along the way as long as they thought they were doing the right thing they didn’t care how many people they hurt. The fight starts to calm down with nothing but a bloody mess. Everyone gathers their wounded and some fall to never get back up again. We lost a few good ones someone says. We will continue to fight for what we think is right no matter what. Do you remember what you felt like before all this started? How happy you were? Did you think the aggressive actions of that first person who yelled at you were right? No, of course not. Did you think your actions of fighting with someone else was right either? Obviously not because you are covered in as much blood as the person standing next to you. If we just for a moment stop and reflect on how we felt when someone did us wrong we just might be able to identify with the person we in turn wronged ourselves. I wonder how long it will take for people to realize we may not be able to control the actions of someone else but we for damn sure can control ours. The next time you see an argument instead of taking blind leap in the middle why don’t you stop and remember how you felt when someone treated you the way you are about to treat or have treated someone else. After all  the actions that lead up to your behavior is cause and effect.


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