New Ways To Commit Crime & Steal Information

I have been watching this before my very eyes. If I did not see it myself I would not have believed it if someone else told me. There is an organised crime syndicate on social media who calls themselves “The Truth About Griffin Shepherd Kennels”. This same group of criminals through time have made several pages for their targets starting with the same prefix of “The Truth About…..”. I have to tell you it is absolutely amazing what these people are doing. They are using government agencies to harass,stalk and gather people’s data, home addresses and identities. I have witnessed myself this criminal organisation orchestrate a false report to a government agency for the sole purpose to harass their target. If you go to my page on Facebook “German Shepherd Dog Training & Tips Community” as long as it is standing and it does not get shut down there is evidence you can read for yourself of how this hate group collaborated together to file a false report to a government agency. No one is safe from them. They use animal control,fire departments,city agencies,veterinarians offices and so many more facilities, means we never could think of would be used in such a manner. Laws need to be in place to protect our personal private information. This is utterly mind-blowing, a new technique to commit crimes. This really brings to the for front how our information is never secure. This organised crime syndicate even has vet technicians that are willing to call anyone’s vet to get information faxed over about their animals and on those records are everyone’s home addresses,phone numbers,billing information and so much more. There needs to be a sweep of this avenue in new age criminal techniques.

Fire departments have chiefs that sometimes double as code enforcement officers. Someone can call them and make a complaint about you and harass you in that manner as well. These criminals can make a false report about your home and name to get feedback about you. How is this allowed? Why are we not protected against such crimes? I can not make a big enough stink about this. These criminals have gone so far unchecked by the law because they are using government agencies to help them commit the crimes unannounced to the agencies. These agencies that are being used have no idea what is being done. So why is it these criminals can get away with this? How can we stop it? If a call is made to an agency that should be problem number one to fix in stopping the use of the agency. These agencies should not accept called in reports. These agencies should only allow people to come in with identification to fill out these reports and sign them then having them attest to it being a true sworn statement. This will ensure legal recourse for anyone who files a false complaint. Why are called in complaints permitted to begin with?. I have seen it. The proof is on my page. A woman by the name of Sierra who lives in South Carolina called in a false report to the health department against a man who lives in Massachusetts. It is clear she had never been to the property she called about. She had to obtain the address by her fellow criminals. She has gotten away with it too so far. This just happened within the last week or so. I am dumbfounded as to why these criminals have not been stopped yet. There needs to be laws made to protect us further from acts like this.

There is no accountability when it is over state lines. No one from another state should be permitted to file such claims. Law makers need to take into consideration that each agency has to safeguard our information. Steps need to be taken to make this problem aware to all agencies. We can not allow people to get away with stealing our information and using our government agencies wasting our tax paying dollars to aid them in their criminal activities. Unless we do something to stop these criminals they will continue to commit these crimes. The more we make ourselves aware of the newest trend in criminal techniques the better we will be to safeguard ourselves.  Until laws or new policies are in place even you the one reading this is at risk of having these criminals obtain your information and harass you through any means they can use unless a road block is placed to stop them from using this avenue. It is very worrisome to think how many people already fell victim to these criminals. How many more will continue to fall victim until something is done about it. Speak with your veterinarians and tell them do not fax or give information over the phone to anyone you do not pre-authorize yourself. Like what doctors offices do. Doctor offices have you fill out a form and sign it stating the people and contact information of who they are allowed to share information with. Just because it is from another doctors office does not mean they have the right to your sensitive data. Same goes for veterinarians and other facilities we use for our care and the care of our animals.  This is so new and so criminal no one is really aware of how bad this is for the rest of us who are basically sitting ducks. Contact your local government agencies and see about what you can do to bring awareness to this grotesque misuse of our government facilities and local agencies. No one should fall victim to these criminals anymore. I want to see all of America safe from acts like this. These people do not care for our laws as they break them on a daily basis. They have no remorse for their actions. These criminals are of the worse kind. They have a God complex as they have been doing this for a long time and getting away with it. Do yourself the favor and take measures to protect your personal data from these criminals who are using new ways to commit crime & steal information.


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