Yes You Are A Bully.

So this delusional woman named Lisa Papi writes her own blog in an attempt to defend herself after I wrote my blogs on how she lied to me and bullied me. Lisa writes her blog which has NOTHING to do with me except this part here.

“Now it’s Cerena DeFalco…going only by what GSK has told her, without any investigation or thought process of her own.

She has actually started a petition to have me arrested. Obviously, no law enforcement agency will make an arrest based on a petition. This petition was started for the sole purpose of defaming me. But she crossed a line when she made my HOME ADDRESS public information on this petition, inciting violence against me and my family! And her excuse for this abhorrent behavior??”

You can read her blog post here I hide nothing.

Lisa let me start with GSK never told me anything. YOU LIED TO ME. My account of the entire ordeal is of what YOU DID TO ME PERSONALLY. Do not go running your mouth acting like you are the victim when you are the BULLY.  I wrote of my interactions with you and your hate page. I wrote of what YOU have lied about and done to me, so now the laws are clear Mrs. Papi  in regards to defamation suits. If what I wrote can not be proven to be true then you have a case. Show this to your lawyer Mrs. Papi and don’t hold your breath. Let’s start with YOUR LIES to me. You stated you haven’t heard of my page before and got banned preemptively. That is not possible with a page. The only way someone can get banned is if they LIKE the page, COMMENT on the page or MESSAGE the page. During our initial battle you said in the same paragraph the picture I was arguing with you about was deleted then you said in the same paragraph it was edited. So tell me Mrs. Papi how can you edit a deleted photo/post? Oh that’s right you can’t because it would not exist. It is STILL up in the picture section of your page “The Truth About Griffin Shepherd Kennels” page on Facebook. I have screen shots of the entire battle. I will save those for court so bring what you got. I have proof of your lies and bullying. You go on to tell people your twisted version of what really happened stating (“You mean Cerena?? The batshit crazy woman who went ballistic because someone shared one of your photos from her page?” ) 

You can read that blog post of hers here:

Don’t you DARE act like you are innocent Lisa. You published a blatant LIE about me and my page to over FIVE THOUSAND PEOPLE on social media. I fought with you for days to retract your lie and right the wrong. YOU NEVER DID. You are a dishonorable liar. I will NEVER believe you. If it was this easy for YOU to lie about ME then who else are you lying about?

I went off on you for this post Wordpress photo 1

So spare me your lies Lisa. I have more let’s continue. How are you and the members that partook in illegal activities guilty? Let’s see here we go lets start with the orchestrated LIE to the health department.  I have copies of the orchestrated lie. I will save that for court. If I publish it here might not be admissible in a hearing. On the copies of what I have it is clear Sierra has NEVER been to Augusto’s home. She had to ask YOU for the address. Then the CALLED in report was made. You can’t lie about that a copy of the report is on your page. Go ahead delete it. I have an unedited copies of that too. I will also show that as evidence in court. You say no one has bullied me from your group or you? LIAR. You bullied the hell out of me and used your page to post lies about me. You have no control over your page members. You claim to have no affiliation with GSK Adherents Of  The Repeated Meme page on Facebook yet you posted a direct message to me on that page. Don’t bother deleting it, I HAVE COPIES. You want to sit there and say no one hates gay people from your community, LIAR. I have been called a shemale from your members and yes I have copies of all that too I will submit as evidence. Keep lying Lisa you just keep digging yourself in a hole further and further. Your members have posted a photo of me calling me a special kind of stupid and active members of your community called me a man. I have copies of those too. Your members have bullied me and continue to bully,harass, stalk me and my page.

Doxing..Yeah your member SUE has posted what she thinks is something to humiliate me on social media along with ADDRESSES to people’s homes thinking I am at one of them. I have copies of those too I will gladly submit in court. Sue by the way you have no idea what you are looking at. It is not anything bad. Keep trying to fit that square block in the round hole honey you might just dull up the edges enough to make it fit. Don’t hurt yourself thinking too hard.

Lisa YOUR members continue to make fun out of me going to my page posting comments then taking screen shots and posting them to the GSK Adherents Of The repeated Meme page on Facebook proving the harassment to me and my community. I have copies of those too. Keep trying to LIE your way out. I am not standing up for Augusto because of his business. I do not agree with his business practices and I have said that before. What I am standing up for are people like me who have fallen victim to you and your hate groups cyber bullying,cyber stalking, doxing, social engineering, harassment and so much more. Yes I can prove the social engineering too. I have copies of ALL that, I will be more than happy to submit in court. You like to twist the truth to fit your purpose. I have copies of the truth so no matter how much you sit there and LIE about what happened I have proof of what really happened. TAKE ME TO COURT. As soon as this is over YOU will be paying for my court costs and any fees I incurred trying to defend myself from the BULLY LIAR you are. Do not underestimate me Lisa. I HAVE PROOF. There is NO LAW BROKEN when I tell people to contact their local law enforcement agency who have been victims of YOUR cyber crimes. I am more than ready for you. I said it before and I will say it again I DO NOT YIELD TO BULLIES AND CRIMINALS.  I have so much evidence I really hope you do go to jail for being the ring leader in an online crime syndicate. I also have copies of all in which I claim you have done and committed. I will be more than happy to see you in court. Maybe you should re read the petition it does tell people not to break any laws in regards to you and your hate page. I won’t ever stop mentioning you or your hate groups. I will fight you every step of the way. You can threaten me all you want Lisa. I am more than ready for you.

This is for Sue, when you do find my home come over bring your bully friends with you. Brave ones you are blocking me on Facebook then running your mouths. Keyboard warriors. You all are nothing but a disgrace.

To the real victims involved who have had bad things happen to them and their dogs by Griffin Shepherd Kennels I suggest you pursue the legal aspect of your ordeal and pull away from this hate group as they will hinder any case you may have.

Note to Griffin Shepherd Kennels you better cross your T’s and dot your I’s. If you care about your animals get them properly tested. Inbreeding causes health issues. Your females should not be breed more than a few times each. Oscar’s law is in place in Australia I hope to see it here too. As of right now from what I see Augusto you do fall under the category of a backyard breeder. I am not standing up for you because I agree with your business. I absolutely disagree with the way you conduct your business and breed your dogs. What I am standing up for is myself and all those who have been harassed and bullied by Lisa Papi and her hate group. I do not believe you should fall victim to their criminal acts either. You Augusto need to get your crap together. Right the wrong. Either party take each other to court and get this over with. I am sick of seeing people get harassed who have nothing to do with either groups for being on a social media network by cyber bullies.

To the morons who do not understand grammar in regards to the spelling of the word organisation this is for you. Stop yapping so much and start reading you might actually learn something.

Organise vs. organize

Organise and organize are different spellings of the same word. Organize is the preferred spelling in the U.S. and Canada, and organise is more common outside North America. This extends to all the word’s derivatives, including organized/organised, organizing/organising, andorganization/organisation.

When the word came to English from Latin via French in the 15th century, its primary spellings were organize and organyse. The spelling now preferred outside North America did not appear until a century or two later. Since then, organize has mostly maintained its ascendancy, though British writers in particular have been seemingly unable to make up their minds. This ngram graphs the use of the two spellings (as a percentage of all words) in a large number of British books, journals, and magazines published between 1800 and 2000: ( ).

You act like you know something yet you have so much to learn. There is a right way to do things then there is your way. Do things the right way, the legal way and when you do tell the truth you will win but not in this case against me because you are a liar Lisa and YES YOU ARE A BULLY.


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