Liar, Liar Pants On Fire

There is a saying that goes, “The most dangerous liars are the ones that believe they are telling the truth.” These people who continue to harass Augusto Deoliveria stop at nothing to discredit him,shame him and run him down to the ground. You can see here these liars claim to have no affiliation with the hate group. Below that you will see clearly where they are two in the same entity. Proven via their Twitter page that links directly back to the hate page run by the same people who lie with no conscious about it. Knowing damn well they lied to the public themselves yet pointing fingers at others. This is truly a disgusting,disturbing mentally ill group of people. They need professional help. Please sign the petition below to put an end to these liars who are harassing Augusto Deoliveria and people across the world.


Here is their direct connection via TWITTER.


Here is the link that is, DIRECTLY CONNECTED TO THE HATE PAGE.


Please sign the petition to put an end to these hate groups that have nothing better to do than destroy people’s lives with their hate and lies.


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