Put An End To These Hate Groups

What I do not understand about people who insist on pushing their agenda on other people is why these same people do not understand when someone tells them to cease and desist all forms of contact those same people just keep pushing and harassing. Yes, I am still dealing with the hate groups and page stalkers. They can not seem to stay away from me. They are seriously obsessed and delusional thinking I am in direct affiliation with other people and pages on my social media sites. These people are out of their flipping minds. The topic was messaged to me again about Augusto Deolivera. There is an animal said via hearsay that died of parvovirus on his property or near it. He is on lock down according to this third-party unverified information. I am not understanding why these people keep messaging me or commenting on my page about something I have nothing to do with. Parvovirus is environmental and it is spread from us walking to riding our bikes over the virus to walking our dogs and stepping in poop that is infested with the virus. It is so wide-spread. There is no cure for the virus and it is expensive to treat. These people from the hate groups pushed Augusto offline again harassing him after he may have just lost an animal family member.

People are outraged his animal possibly died of this virus that anyone can carry, get and infect other animals and people with. Instead of getting angry at this guy get angry at the law that allows only rabies vaccine to be mandatory. Rabies vaccines are required by law in MA. Parvo vaccine is not required by law. Does that upset you? IT SHOULD. Do not get mad at people for what THE LAW is allowing them to do. Instead of attacking people go to legislation and put in to change the law requirements for types of vaccinations. It is not that hard. You may not like that someones animal died of parvo but guess what..they never broke the law. If that gets you all riled up then do something about it with your local legislation. Keep this case in mind and ask people who had animals that suffered from the virus to come forth to share why they think it should be mandatory to have said vaccinations. If people spent half their time wisely by helping change laws for the better of animals everywhere and less pointing fingers,name calling and harassing others then a real change can be made that benefits everyone and keeps a contagious environmental virus at bay. Use your heads a little more.

I was hit again on my page after I responded to a private message about Griffin Shepherd Kennels by a hate page member in regards to an issue that has nothing to do with me. I re-posted the petition that is growing steadily now over 200 signatures. I also posted a cease and desist notice to all the hate pages. Once again Augusto did not break any laws but these hate groups want him run down to the ground and to destroy his life completely taking down anyone that gets in their way. Instead of wasting time trying to prove he did something wrong which he did not by law, people need to put their heads together and push for mandatory vaccinations that reduce the environmental impact of transmittable viruses within animals. These hate groups have enough man power to start petitions that are really of use like the better health and vaccines for our animals. They could much better serve their time and purpose if they were led by a decent person with half a brain. These are definitely the blind leading the blind. It is really a pitch fork mob mentality and I just do not understand why these people with so much time on their hands do not become more active in their communities working with shelters and rescues.


You can see clearly here these mislead disillusion people keep thinking I am Augusto or his page in disguise. I have no idea what to say anymore except please sign the petition to shut these hate pages down. Enough is enough already. They refuse to leave me alone. My cease and desist order to these hate groups are for my page not anyone else. Please click the link below. Read the petition and sign it. Please share the petition via social media and emails. The more signatures we get on this petition the louder our words become that we will not tolerate cyber crimes,harassment, bullying and any form of crimes these hate groups continue to commit. It is a waste to me to have that many members used for evil instead of good. They say they are a page to educate people. That is a total lie. They are hate groups with the sole purpose to destroy Augusto Deoliveria his entire life and anyone that remotely shows him support. I am not backing down at all. I took my case to the highest extent of the law. These people need to realize they are not above the law. It is not o.k. to go around harassing people and spreading falsehoods.

I feel bad for Augusto right now he must be in so much emotional pain and suffering greatly knowing theses people have no good will towards him. He took down his social media pages. These hate groups could have embraced him and taught him with their knowledge what was a better way to handle things and care for animals if they viewed things differently. Instead they opted to tear him down piece by piece. It is really horrible to watch. These people could have done so much more to help others and push legislation in a positive way if they just used their brains. Being led by a dishonest dishonorable woman I can see why the hateful direction took precedence over the good will of others.  Please sign this petition. Give this guy and people like me some rest. Put an end to these hate groups.



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