See Me For Who I Am And Not What You Want Me To Be

This is a short blog for those who follow me on social media and the internet. Just a statement from myself to all of you. Ladies and gentlemen I appreciate all the support given to me. I am requesting if you message me please refrain from asking personal questions. I will not give my location. I am in the United States Of America. That is all you need to know. I am not a model or a public figure. I am a mom and I am disabled. I will protect my child and myself. Yes I know how to shoot. Please refrain from asking me for “a current photo” I will not stop what I am doing to get my phone take a “selfie” and send it to you for your assessment,evaluation and entertainment. Please stop asking me if I am single. The answer is I am a widow. A survivor of domestic violence. I am not looking for a relationship. Yes, I am single. No I am not interested. I do not care how “hot” you are or how much “money” you have. If I were to ever date again I am not dating for financial stability or for the false pretense of physical attraction. Will take a lot more than mere looks and finances to gain my interest in the future should I decide to ever date again. (at this point I prefer to remain alone). At the end of the day with or without a man I have me and my kid covered. I pay all my bills and take care of my son. Please refrain from asking me “what job you do”. I am disabled now. I no longer “do” anything. I use to be a Maritime security officer,a private land side security officer, a notary public,property manager for my family,a cook and in my early 20’s an adult entertainer (if you can believe that 20 years ago and a hundred pounds lighter. No I never prostituted so get that out of your head now.) I have seen it all in my life. I also use to be a drug addict in my 20’s. (Oh no she is one of those..yeah no one is perfect sorry for busting your bubble..I have been clean off of drugs since 1998 so get over it.) I write about my life experiences on my WordPress. If you really want to know about me read what I write. This is a link to my home page on WordPress. Make an effort to read for yourself about my life the struggles I have overcome and the struggles I face now. If you wish to be a positive part of my life I welcome it. If you are here only to fap at my photo’s then fap away but refrain from contacting me to give you the erection you want by sexting or sex chat. I am not a sex phone or sex pc operator they have sites for that please feel free to use them. Please refrain from sending me videos of you ejaculating all over my pictures or other. Please refrain from sending me pictures of your genitalia like it is a mating call. I am not interested. If you cannot act like a gentlemen or a lady refrain from contacting me. Please refrain from sending 40 messages in a row if I do not respond. This is social media not a dating service and I am not available. I do not have whatsapp or any other form of app like it and no I will not get it. I welcomed the public into my life as a way to show others who may have had or have similar situations that they are not alone. We can overcome diversity in our lives no matter what. For those who keep asking me my age I am 39 years old. I will be 40 this December. For the young guys who hit on me please remember I have a kid who is going to be 19 years old soon. I do not consider anyone I could have birthed myself as an “adult” male or female. I like men that means guys who are 35 or older. However still not interested at this moment in time. I encourage you to be a positive part of my life and welcome you to partake in my life’s journey. Please once again remain respectful at all times I am just a mom no one really special. Please remember we fantasize about people in our heads…put your fantasy and expectation of me aside. See me for who I am and not what you want me to be.



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