Is Advertising On Facebook Worth The Investment?

We all want the most for our money when it comes to advertisement and an audience reach. I have to say as a person who owns a few pages on social media I have learned a bit about the way Facebook is forcing us to pay them to advertise our posts, status, websites and products. Facebook shows us the “insights” of any post we make on any of the pages we own. Each post has a different post reach in audience. Facebook gives us the option to “boost” each individual post that should in turn allow more people to see the posts we made to begin with that Facebook forcefully blocked in an effort to make money off of page owners. This poses a problem for page owners who are non-profit companies or people who simply do not make any money off their pages. This effort Facebook has put forth to make themselves money is one that I find a wasted investment from anyone who owns a business and is looking to advertise their products,special offers and company itself if they do not know how to best utilize these features. We could end up in an endless money pit if we are not careful on what options we choose for what posts we decide are of the most importance.


When we click the “boost” icon for just one post, a few options are given as to how much we are willing to pay Facebook to unblock our forced blocked content. Each amount shown ranges in the amount of a simple $5.00 investment that supposedly reaches an audience that ranges from 1,300-3,400 people to a $30.00 investment that supposedly reaches an audience anywhere from 7,600-21,000 people in an un-guaranteed number of people actually reached.


When we continue to view what this entails when opting to advertise with Facebook we can see the option for how many days we wish to proceed paying for up to 7 days per post. That means on the lowest end of the spectrum if we pay $5.00 a day to reach an un-guaranteed amount of people that range from an audience of anywhere between 1,300-3,400 we pay a total of  $35.00 a week for advertising one specific post. On the larger scale if we go max prior to opting our own amount to fill in the blank at a $30.00 investment for a week we are paying $210.00 for a post reach of an unspecified amount of people ranging from 7,600-21,000 “potential” viewers for just one post. This means if we have let’s say on average three posts per day at the highest amount given as an option prior to choosing our own that we really want to get the word out for a specific post we pay maximum of $630.00 for seven days. We are being asked to trust a site that is forcing us to pay them to advertise our companies on their “social media” site that happens to be in my opinion the most anti social, social media site I have ever seen. Facebook is the only social media site that asks us to pay them to be social. That is not what I signed up for when Facebook first came out.

Let’s take this a little further, Facebook gives the option to advertise our websites when we click the option it shows us if we pay them anywhere from the lowest amount of $5.00 we get an un-guaranteed number for an “estimated” click to our websites of an estimated 17-31 clicks. The maximum prior to choosing your own amount of $20.00 for an estimated click to website range is somewhere between 67-124 clicks per day. This means on the lowest end we can choose to advertise our website for “clicks” at a cost of $5.00 a day for the least amount of days set at a week which comes to a $35.00 investment to the higher end of a $5.00 a day expense for 24 days that comes to a $120.00 investment on the $5.00 range. The Highest amount they give as an option prior to choosing our own is $20.00 per day for an estimated click reach of 67-124 un-guaranteed clicks daily. That means on the lowest end of the financial spectrum we spend  $140.00 a week at the cost of $20.00 per day to the highest end of this amount at 28 days maximum is $560.00 for almost a full month. This also goes for the other given option to “advertise” our page itself.


How do we get our viewers to see the maximum amount of content we have to offer on our pages with the new Facebook rules in place on how we get notifications on our timelines? We have to let our viewers know if they do not make the effort to go to our pages under the “LIKE” option and click “SEE FIRST” our pages will automatically fall in a default location somewhere in the feed of our viewers. We will inadvertently get lost in Facebook land.


How do we get the word out to our viewers if our posts are stifled to begin with? Which of the options above are of the most value for what they offer? This is where each of us have to make a decision on how much we wish to invest on what type of advertising we want to do with Facebook. We really have to pick and choose the option that will be best utilized for our needs of reaching our viewers to obtain the information we desire to get to them with a general post or website information. Facebook has introduced algorithm to their feeds as an effort to gain data on how much we post and if they can do anything further to disrupt our post reach in an effort to get us to pay them more to be seen on their network. As of right now Facebook has become a money pit from hell for businesses who wish to use their social media platform to gain a following with a forced stifle and un-guaranteed reach in audience. Facebook has no way of guaranteeing our information will reach the maximum amount of people we wish to advertise our companies and products to. This personally poses a huge issue for myself as a person who plans on making a website in the near future. What about those if us who are just starting out or planing on starting out? To stay in the game of advertising on social media do we opt to spend thousands of dollars on advertisement that is an unsure thing? We can run specific targeted ads on television that cost less than Facebook advertising. We could also opt to target specific advertising in magazines or online in general. The problem I have with Facebook and advertising with them is the fact there is no one we can communicate with in the event we have an issue with our pages or business matters. Their reporting system is outdated and they will shut down our pages if they think we are in violation of their community standards. There is a fotog on Facebook who received word from Facebook reporting system that stated their image was removed because it violated Facebook community standards. It was an image of a man with an open shirt fully clothed. However Facebook can not decipher real nudity in an image from a man with an open shirt to a woman wearing next to nothing. I have seen women on Facebook with tit tassels and butt floss that have on way less and their images stay up. What happens if we get “banned” from Facebook because we “violated” their unfit standards with no one to discuss anything about? There is no real customer care center. If I am going to invest into a social media site there better be a way I can receive customer care with a live person, links,email addresses and phone numbers that do not lead to dead ends. If my page gets blocked off completely and my IP address banned because of the massive outdated reporting system that failed me with no one to speak with about it then I have just wasted an X amount of time and money investing in a product with no guarantee or resolve on anything. In the end we have to demand better service from Facebook. We need to really look at the facts. Facebook needs to step up their end game. Facebook needs a customer support center especially since using their site is apparently NOT free. If Facebook wants to take what use to be a free social media network and now use it as a platform to make money off of businesses they need to start acting like a business worth the value for people to want to bring what they have worked hard to achieve and advertise about. I do not see any reason for people to be so happy about the way Facebook conducts their business to say this is a great investment to get the word out. Is it? Is it really a good investment to advertise with a company you have no one to speak with about business related issues and technical support? Is it a great investment with a company that holds no customer support center or even office you can walk into and speak with someone about any issue we may have? Before we make a solid decision on advertising we need to think first to ourselves and ask the question,  “is advertising on Facebook worth the investment?”.


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