How Prepared Are You To Bring An Animal Into Your Life?

I have a page on Facebook called “German Shepherd Dog Training & Tips Community”. I made this page to help others like me learn about our animals. As time went by I had changed the mission of the page to not just a learning community but also one where people could see all the animals up for adoption, in need of fostering,medical care etc from around the world. I have many questions asked by various people. I do my best along with the general public like you to help each other find the answer to questions from “Does this skin rash look normal on my dogs face?” to “How do I stop my dog from barking so much?”. These are general questions people all over the world have in common when having an animal. As the page owner and only admin, I not only see the posts from the animal shelters and rescues, I also read each post before I share them. The one thing I have seen all too repetitively is the dumping of animals because of their age,medical issues, behavioral issues or unplanned pregnancy of their animals leaving them with a litter of mouths to care for on top of what they have already. These same people dump these animals to go out and get another one just to cycle them through rescues,shelters or flat out dump them off on the side of the road over and over again. Some of these animals have been with their families for so long they grew old together. I am sure these animals did not foresee being dumped because they had gotten so old they can’t help but take a dump uncontrollably on the floor or where they stand/sleep. I have also seen repeated stories of “We can not afford the animal” to “The animal is very destructive”.

Do you really know what you are getting into when you get an animal? From babies to elderly animals we have to understand that if we do not do our jobs as the humans to train or retrain these animals we are failing them miserably at every turn. Why go out and buy or adopt an animal if you are going to turn around and bring them right back or push them off on others for being the animal they are? Dogs bark ,cats scratch furniture. Puppies urinate all over the place. Male cats spray. All female animals go into heat. All animals need more than just food water and a hello when you get home. How well prepared are you really to have an animal in your life? You have to ask yourself  questions. Here are questions you need to be prepared to answer prior to obtaining an animal be it from a purchase or adoption. (Please adopt don’t shop.  I want Oscar’s Law to be international. You can learn about Oscar’s law and what it means to be a purchased animal as opposed to an adopted one.)

  1. The very first question you have to ask yourself is “Am I willing to dedicate my life and time to the animals needs for the rest of “their life” without abandoning them or dumping them off on others…no matter what?
  2. Am I financially prepared to take on an animal from the basic shots, dental care to should it fall ill and require surgery?
  3. Did I do enough research on the breed for my family or living situation to match our lifestyles to the needs of the animal?
  4. Did I do enough research on what to expect when having a puppy from destructive behavior to potty training, basic commands and lifelong training? Does my family or I have enough time to dedicate to the animal for frequent walks to play time?
  5. Am I prepared for the insurmountable fur any animal I choose to have is going to leave behind for me to clean up? ( I am aware there are types of cats and dogs that do not have fur but real hair and or no fur/hair at all. Do you know the difference between a furry dog and a hairy one?)
  6. Do I know what to expect with a cat who likes to scratch things up from furniture to possibly even myself or a dog who rips apart the couch like a giant chew toy?
  7. How much am i really prepared to have an animal?
  8. Does the facility in which I live permit the type of animal I want to get?
  9. Am I prepared for the pet deposit fees and reimbursement for the destruction caused by my animal that comes with my animal? ( I know if you own a home you need not worry about the pet deposit fee question except for repairs and trust me, I know it can cost a lot. My German Shepherd is so strong she literally ripped out of the wall my water softener and water pipes along with it from the side of my home as well as ripping off the spigot and pipes on the opposite side that were attached to my home because for some reason she thought the water that comes out of the pipes was evil and she had to kill it. Don’t laugh…it was not funny or fun to fight with the water department to get the water turned off and being nailed for a fee to do so then waiting over four hours for someone to come out and turn the water off from the main line so we could do the repairs…the side of my house was like a lake by the time they got there. Let’s not forget the fee to have them turn it back on too and the fee for all the free flowing water my dog decided she wanted to play in and bite at because she did not understand why the water would not stay still after she repeatedly bit the water and pawed at it….yeah…fun times…fun times..uughhh. ) This also applies to the hundreds of thousands of people who do not own a home but instead rent.
  10. Should I buy my future animal or adopt one? What is the difference? (Please see Oascar’s Law at  )
  11. Have I looked into pet insurance that can help reduce the full cost of medical care for my animal with simple monthly payments?
  12. Have I read up on how my baby or children should act around the future animal?
  13. Have I read up on how to speak with my kids about the do’s and don’t of interaction with our new animal family member from ear pulling to sitting on the animal?
  14. Do I have an emergency plan should some unforeseen emergency happen like a fire or flood?
  15. Do I have someone willing to care for my animal should I fall ill or need to be hospitalized?

These are just some questions you should review prior to bringing in an animal of any kind into your life and the lives of your family. Most of us fall in love with the cuteness of animals with a tendency to forget it takes a lot of time, effort and money to have one. Please do your research on the type of animal that would best suit you by comparison to your lifestyle. If you are a high energy person who loves to run look into an animal that can run with you. If you are a low energy person who likes to walk instead, there are plenty of animals that will fit your lifestyle too. All it takes is a little research on your behalf before you decide to bring an animal home. There is no excuse to be clueless when it comes to the fact the internet exists in regards to endless amounts of knowledge at the click of a button. Do your research. Please, for the love of all things animal do not get one if you are not willing to dedicate your life to theirs for as long as they live. Try to start somewhere simple like the size of the animal you want. Animals can weigh anywhere from a few pounds to hundreds of pounds. I am going to give you a few links to help you out a little.

This link is to dog a breed selector that will assist you in figuring out the basics from size of the dog you wish to get to the compatibility to your lifestyle.

Here is a link for a better understanding as to the potential cost of having an animal.

Here is a link for the reviews of many types of pet insurance companies and what people thought about them.

This link is for some real basic training tips you can read what the positive reinforcement method can do for you and your furry family member.

Please remember there is always information online for any question you may have. If you feel the need to speak with a professional about anything regarding your animal this link will give you the option to contact veterinarians online or you can simply call your local veterinarian. This is a link for all around information on any animal. Do not be afraid to do proper research prior to bringing in a new furry,feathery or scaly family member.

You are always welcome to be a part of the online community on Facebook I made for people like you and I. Come ask any questions you may have. There are no silly questions. I Invite you all to “German Shepherd Dog Training & Tips Community” on Facebook. I have many posts I share from rescues and shelters all around the world. I also share content from real veterinarians. If you want to volunteer or foster I have posts from all over the world that you can choose from or I can assist you in finding anywhere that may be asking for help near you. You can see what animals are up for adoption in your area. If you need help locating an adoption event please feel free to post to the page your inquiry. I am always willing to help everyone around the world to better educate themselves prior or even during the ownership of a new animal family member. I hope the information I have provided has given you some insight and help for the next time you think of getting an animal you now have a better way to answer the biggest question of them all “How Prepared Are You To Bring An Animal Into Your Life?”.

General note to the public from Spin: Spin save


” German Shepherd Dog Training & Tips Community My name is Spin. My mommy loves me so much she made a page just for me. My mommy drove over four and a half hours to get me after a mean man tried breaking into my previous owners home and stabbed me in the face. I was hurt bad and was acting out. My mommy took me in and gave me lots of love, attention, treats, toys and was looking for advice on how to help me the best she could. So my mommy contacted many places and trainers. Most of them told her to “put me down”. They actually wanted my mommy to kill me. My mommy said no way not a chance. My mommy took her time and made the page “German Shepherd Dog Training & Tips Community” on Facebook so everyone who needed help could come together in a strong community to get information and give information. My mommy loves animals. She made it her mission to help rescues,shelters and everyone get the word out for all animals in need. Come join the community and help others like me find the best way to teach other moms and dads that giving up is not an option. We are worth the effort to love and be taught. People said I could never be around another animal and I was a lost cause but my mommy never gave up on me. My best friend Precious and I play all the time. My friend Beethoven passed away and I was sad he was my sleeping buddy. I love my kitty friends. I play and they hiss. I think it’s funny but they don’t seem to want to play as much as I do. See my mommy knew there was good in me. I was just misunderstood. One trainer even wanted thousands of dollars to train me. My mommy is disabled and she does not have that kind of money. My mommy took a long time to gather information and make a community to help me and other animals. My mommy loves me so much she tells me everyday. Come join the community I promise you will not be disappointed. Who doesn’t like helping animals and seeing great pictures. I want to see all of you too. Post pictures of yourselves with your families. We love pictures. Hope to see you soon. Have a pawsome day! Love Spin

spin scooby


Hi! My name is Precious. Spin and I are best friends until she takes my toys then I have to let her know who’s boss so I run to mommy and she gets my toy back. I am all too happy to run around teasing Spin with my toy trying to get her to chase me. We have lots of fun!

precious 1


Spin and Precious were both staring at me when I woke up. They make my days better and always start off with a smile. Never give up on any animal. They all deserve a chance at a better life. We all hope to see you soon on Facebook at “German Shepherd Dog Training & tips Community”. Have a PAWsome day! See you soon!

Spin N Precious 4


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