Trying To Date Using Dating Sites

I have given it a go to enter the public eye in a different way. My life out there for the world to see yet in another display of public I don’t give a f**k. There I am on a profile in a dating app. I tried a few apps that ended up in the recycle bin of my phone. One online site so far I am still with. Although my “profile” is not so sweet anymore as I had changed it less than twenty-four hours after starting the account. I did start out by having a very nice profile message to greet others with basics about me. I ended up deleting that and writing “o.k. so this is less than 24 hours I am on this site. I have already been lied to and foreigners like to use a translator to pretend they are law enforcement or military. I am bilingual. I have a 121 I.Q. That means you need to try and catfish someone else. I will not tolerate being lied to or disrespected. Why in the world would you not be yourself? If you wonder why you are single start with the fact you decide to lie about who you really are instead of telling the truth. If you have a criminal record keep on keeping on..not interested. If you smoke or are an alcoholic keep on keeping on. If you want a one night stand..keep on keeping on..Good Lord, some of the people on sites really make a person want to stay single to avoid the b.s.. If you can not verify who you are..keep on keeping on. If you want to exchange Inappropriate photos or videos…keep on keeping on. I refuse to add another app. You can find me via Google. I am more than verifiable. I have lupus and am waiting for heart surgery so please do not waste my time with nonsense. If you can not wait for a response and constantly “nudge” me or message me you will be blocked. I am here to speak with real people not to get harassed or lied to. Be real be you or..Keep on keeping oonnn..If you are married..the answer is….HELL NO!!…BE GONE WITH YOU!”….So much for being sweet, huh?


What makes it hard to use dating sites or apps is the insincerity of some people who make those of us using the sites for what they are designed for less inclined to believe someone who is being genuine. I put my information out there along with my WordPress. If someone wants to verify me they can. I am pretty much an open book. It might scare some men away then again it might bring the more adventurous and brave mento the forefront. The unknown is what I am sure most people get scared of when it comes to dating. There are too many people out there who just do not have good intentions. I love the profiles of men who put “athletic” and when you see their photos you know they have not worked out a day in their life. I put heavyset as my body type because I am not about to lie. If I put “athletic” then a guy meets me in person the obvious will happen and he will se I am over two hundred pounds. Do I go to the gym? Yes. Have I lost weight? Yes. Do I need to lose more weight? Absolutely! It takes detective work to weed out the fake profiles. I just love the creepy questions like “Do you live alone?”..Uhhh why? Do you want to come over and kill me? 😂 The other creepy question I got was “who is home now?”…lmaooo I am like my gun is home now. 😂😂 Effing weirdos!


Having put on the “Bitch Pants” has narrowed down the field of men who are willing to inbox me. My profile is now considerably less inviting. Me being the smart ass that I am, I have decided to use a unique profile picture that shows my sense of humor when it comes to being picked out in a sea of women. I figure what the hell. Just be myself. If someone really wants to get to know me a profile picture of that caliber will not stop them. If anything I hope to find someone who can take a joke. I will of course have to tone down my rampage of a profile message. I figure at this point leave it up to back off the weirdos. I think I also need to put somewhere on there that if I could have birthed you I am not interested. Kids! I tell you. “Hi I am 20 years old..”..whoa Nelly!!! My kid is 20 too! What the hell would I want to do with a kid?! Yeah buddy, go to school and hit on a kid your age. Leave us adults to other adults.


I have yet to see where this site takes me. So far it is like any other media site. You will always have the types of people who can never be themselves and have to make a fake persona to even speak with others. Catfishing is the biggest thing now other than scamming. Green card seekers are everywhere. Then there are those guys who want nudes and sexting. Out of hundreds of potential suitors we have to exert due diligence to find out truly who is real and who is not. I love the fake pics that go with the foreigners who have to use a translator to text. Then there is always a group of guys who want to pull you off the site to use an app like KIK or Whatsapp. Ummm why would I do that when texting on the site is available? What shitty nude is it you want to try to send me or get me to send you? These creeps use hot guys photos to attract women just to get them in a conversation and never ever show who they really are. I love the bit about not having any way to send new pics. “My camera is busted on my phone.” Bitch please. Your ass is busted. I wanted to video chat with a man to verify him. I asked him if he would and he came back with a ton of excuses. O.K. no problem. If I can not verify you then you are not worth my time. If I am on a site to date, I am not looking to text message all my life. That is nothing but a huge waste of my time that I really do not have much of these days.

be you

Well this will be forty eight hours and counting, on this site. I have so far managed to piss off half the guys on the site by calling them out on their own b.s. just with my profile message. We will see what happens. This so far has been like an episode of criminal minds. I am detective Cerena DeFalco. I will analyze every profile and block the weirdos as they come. Being my own sleuth has been interesting to say the least. I always did love criminal justice. I can be like a dating detective sorting out the bad guys from the good guys. Wish me luck on my endeavors while “Trying To Date Using Dating Sites”.

Disclaimer: The images/ memes used are generated from the internet. I do not claim them as mine.

lupus fight


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